Logic Locks

Sometimes life lacks excitement, mystery and adventure. So why don’t you form a team of bastard detectives and let yourself be locked up in our basement for a thrilling adventure?

You have 63 minutes to find the golden Lionheart necklace and escape from a study chamber piled with puzzles and hidden mechanisms. Be sharp like Sherlock during your own CSI meets Indiana Jones moments. You will need to go to the max to unravel all the secrets in the room and solve the underlying mystery. People who stayed in the room longer than 63 minutes came out with a nervous yet vacant look in their eyes and have never been the same… Can your team of adventurers keep their head cool and their hands busy? We shall see!

Logic Locks, the only escape room with a love story, has recently been voted the best escape room in the Netherlands.

The escape room differentiates itself from other escape room through the usage of original, hand-made objects from all over the world. The attention for details comes back everywhere and the puzzles fit the exciting storyline.

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  • Logic Locks
  • Leeftijdscategorie: Jong en Oud
  • Type Dagje weg: Actief
  • Amsterdam
  • Noord-Holland
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